About Us


«Where the raw nature of the alps meets urban lifestyle.»

EINSTOFFEN is a young eyewear and fashion brand founded in 2008 by four friends from Switzerland. Back then, we had no desire for a predictable career in the hamster wheel. We wanted an adventure – in our own clothes and seeing the world through our own sunglasses.

Inspired by nature, art, film and music, we have since created shirts, glasses, sunglasses, T-shirts and Swiss Made watches for cosmopolitan individualists with a sense of humor. In our eyes, eyewear and streetwear, nature and urbanity, Swiss quality awareness and a pinch of extravagance go together very well. It was always about originality. We still feel most comfortable a few steps off the beaten track.

Our passion belongs to natural materials such as wood, stone or cotton. Our passion belongs to handmade frames manufactured from natural materials such as wood or stone.They form the main components of that organic EINSTOFFEN-style. However, we do not like to limit ourselves. We are driven by passion and the desire to experiment defines us. Thus, steel, titanium, cotton or acetate have also found their way into our collection. Because it is only through encountering the unfamiliar that new and unusual things are created.
Our shades and specs made of natural materials won a total of four German Design Awards in 2018 & 2019

Cosmopolitanism, innovation, quality, sustainability and fairness in dealing with producers, customers and business partners are important to us. We guarantee the quality of our products and regularly ensure that they are produced under fair working conditions.